Becoming Uninhibited

Ever wondered about the talents you showed as a child not showing up in you as an adult?

Perhaps you are now painfully shy, and lack the confidence to even eat in public.  Yet, as a child you never hesitated to pick your nose, or do the most outrageous things in full view of everyone!

I often envy the innocence and guileness nature of most children.  Children aren’t typically known for their tact or discretion.  No, prudence is an adult virtue.  Sadly, human respect is an adult vice.  (Generally speaking.)

Some call it socialisation.  Psychoanalysts, behavioural psychologists, those sorts of people who sit back and study human nature and behaviour in its forms.  Call it what you will, but I could certainly live without it.  It’s like living through someone else’s eyes.

Does that make sense? Have you ever done anything, or not done something you thought you should, simply because you wanted to avoid the repercussions it would cause in people who did not agree? Mind you, I am not talking of doing unlawful things, but just everyday decisions, or, more to the point, decisions that impact your own life and happiness, that isn’t really the business of anyone else.  I see all the time so many instances of persons who never realise their full potential, WHATEVER that might be or take, BECAUSE SOMEONE NEGATIVE STOPPED THEM.  It didn’t have to be in so many words; a scornful look, a hurtful joke, anything.

Even more,  it’s oftentimes a vicious cycle.  Those who are subject to this kind of treatment often become that way themselves, and pass on the negativity to others.

Where does it stop?

I say it stops with me.  You.  Him.  Her.  Right now.

It’s time to be fearless.  What is that something you wished you were doing, instead of coming home after work and just blobbing in front of the television? Sure, it feels relaxing and good at the time, but don’t you ever regret it when you look back on the endless stream of evenings spent this way, when perhaps your children have grown up under your very nose and you have missed it?

Perhaps you are an alcoholic.  Or suffer from a drug addiction.  Perhaps you are generally unhappy with your lot in life.  Whatever the problem is, it’s still the beginning of 2013.  Don’t waste this year.  Find something, be it small or great, that changes things to how you’d be wanting them to have been, when you come to the end of your life.

I think that’s a valid goal for anyone.  Isn’t that what New Year’s resolutions are generally about? How to better ourselves somehow? Or better our management of things? Did you make resolutions? How’s that going?

Maybe I shouldn’t ask.  But if you have kept to your resolutions, I’m sure you know how HARD that can be.  Perhaps they were too general, or too inconvenient?

So, let me reiterate: pick just ONE thing that you can do without too much trouble, that will, slowly and surely, make you happier.  In the long run.

And see how it goes!



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