Introducing Step Out of That Rut

Step with me…

If you have stumbled upon this page, you’re probably looking for the same thing most of us are at some point or other in our lives: how to get out of this infernal rut you’ve found yourself in.  It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, how old you are, or what your situation in life is. You’ve come to the conclusion that you are unhappy with the way things are at the moment, life couldn’t get any more boring, or mundane, or energy-sapping.  Your spirit feels like it’s almost broken under the weight of the everyday struggle at a job you hate, for example.  You want to live to your full potential, even though you may have no idea what the extent of that is just yet, or how to unleash it.

In a nutshell, you want out.

Well, stay with me here.  You are not alone.  I was exactly like you once upon a time.  Yes, I can actually say that now.  And it wasn’t so long ago, either.  Somehow, though, the feeling of being stuck somewhere I didn’t want to be in my life helped open my eyes to new possibilities.  It is possible, I discovered, to make what seems to be going AGAINST you in life work FOR you.  Maybe that’s old news to more informed and philosophical folk, but it was a revelation to me.  I’ll elaborate on that here.

Yep, that was a great moment when I suddenly realized, “You know, all you have to do to get out of this rut is to step out of it.”  I don’t know where that thought came from, but there.  It’s my motto for this year.  I was inspired then and there to start this blog.  Not to offer advice; I’m not a psychologist, or a counsellor.  Just a writer, wanting to put some ideas out there, spark discussion, and hopefully awaken like-minded individuals to share their own perspectives.  My hope is that this blog will facilitate the birth of new concepts.  In whatever way that happens.

For me, twenty-thirteen is going to be different.  It can be for you too! Break out of that rut!

There’s nothing worse than being pathetic, afraid, and needy.  Unfortunately, so many of us are like that.  Afraid to reach out and fight for what we want.  Take what we want, when it’s there for the taking.  Whether it’s staying at a job we hate, in a one-way friendship that more often than not drags us down rather than lifts us up, or stuck in a life situation that does not fully expends our talents – either because we are too afraid to do something alternative, or because by changing we raise eyebrows – in short, letting our actions be governed by the thoughts of others, approving or otherwise.   Who knows why!  It’s just how it is.  Socialization, some call it.  Paralysing is what call it.  Interestingly, those of us who are lucky enough to recognize that we have this paralysing sickness often hate seeing it in ourselves.  But we just don’t know how to… how can I say it? Get out of that rut.  Our excuse? We lack the creativity, money, resources, blah blah blah, to change our lives.

There are so many great bloggers out there in the cyber universe offering help and advice on how to achieve your goals, live life to the fullest, etc.  So why aren’t we? It’s not that their message doesn’t get to us.  And perhaps it’s not even because we lack the motivation to follow said advice.  Why are we not successful? Fulfillment seems to come so easily to some, and seems out of the reach of others.  Why is this?

Now, I’m not talking about people who don’t want to change.  I’m talking about people who genuinely want to change, and have tried several times to change, but somehow, before long, found themselves back at square one.  I was like that.  Until I discovered something crucial to ongoing – let me repeat – ongoing, success.

What do I mean by success? Do I mean lots of money? Fame? Wealth? Power? Love?

No.  These are often, but are not necessarily, by-products of success.


It’s a fluid concept.  Success for me is living doing what I love.  Success means a fulfilled, content happiness that I feel deep within me in all aspects of my life.

What’s this great secret I’ve discovered? Let me tell you.  It’s the name of this blog.  It is that easy.  Just step out of your rut.  Mind, I use the word step.  It’s not something to be achieved in a moment, a week, or even months.  Visualize a whole series of baby steps, that bring you closer and closer to being the person you want to be.  Living the kind of life you want to live.

What are those steps? It depends on where you want to go.  But before we move on to that, tell me…

are you in a rut?

What is your definition of success?


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